Wilton High School Theater

Information for Cast and Crew


Please read carefully!

Thank you SO much to all 90+ of you who auditioned! We were very impressed - you made our job very difficult in the best possible way! Please know that there are still several featured parts and solos that have not yet been assigned. More information will be given once rehearsals start.

Our first rehearsal will be MONDAY at 7pm in the Clune Auditorium. All rehearsal scheduling will be posted HERE, under "Rehearsal Schedule".

If you have NOT been cast, we would still love to have you involved in tech! More information will be posted on the website once we start holding tech hours, and our stage managers will be assembling a stage crew closer to tech week.

Questions? See Mrs. Koz (office in the guidance hallway) or email Meredith at [email protected].

Thank you for auditioning for Cinderella!!

Ella: Hannah Mikita

Topher: Joe Apuzzo

Lord Pinkleton: Finn Maloney

Sebastian: Liam DeFelice

Marie: Lily Mikita

Jean-Michel: Trevor Brown

Madame: Jamie Feidner

Gabrielle: Allison Farago

Charlotte: Rachel Strazza

Ensemble (Knights, Townspeople, Lords & Ladies of the Court, Peasants):

There are still several roles (Giant, Fox, Raccoon, Lady of Ridicule, etc) that have not been cast. There are also several solos to be assigned. We will be casting these roles from the ensemble at a later date.

Brycen Addison

Katherine Barbour

Sarah Bates*

Michael Biondo*

Katie Buse

Aidan Callahan

Meghan Cunningham

Alexandra Curtin

Carley Denneen

Hunter Driscoll

Emma Driver*

Kyra Finelli

Brielle Flavin

Eli Grass

Jayna Gumins

Evan Helman

Lydia Hoffman

Katie Jankowski*

Grant Jones*

Manya Jones

Stephanie Jones

Ava Kaplan

Ella Kinnersley

Davis Langhoff

Quinn Lupton

Ryan Lynn

Haley McHugh

Lauren McNamara

Alex Myers

Rachel Nadel

Jessica Olin*

Jack Parrotta*

Dylan Pojano

Zareen Reza

Zehra Reza

Julia Rothstein

Riley Sexton*

Rachel Slater

Sasha Sypher*

Andreas Tsantilas

Jake Vitarelli

Olivia Vitarelli*

Taylor White*

Mickey Wilcox

Rachel Wilson

Eleanor Winrow

Ryan Witty*

Sylvia Zhao

*Featured Dancer