Wilton High School Theater

Information for Cast and Crew

Hello everyone!  I am so excited for your senior show!  You all look great and everyone who auditioned did a great job!  There are roles/scenes yet to be written so please don't worry if you are not yet in a named part!  There are also many moments, lines, and solo singing parts that will be assigned as we go through the rehearsal process!    I will see you all this week!  Please check wiltondirector.com every week to see when you are called for rehearsal!  Thanks!


Zoe: Maddie Schattenfield

Brayden: Grant Jones

Jason: Ben Grass

Valarie: Cara Bates 

Ms. Meyers: Taylor White 

Carl the Custodian: AJ Eustace

Lily: Molly Foster

Dana:  Jayna Gummins (best friend with Lily - will write a role!)

Jessica: Jasmine Wittaker

Collin: Andrew Senneff

Maddox: Davis Langhoff

Blake: Dylan Pojano

Charlotte: Phoebe Beshlian 

Paris: Isabel Shain

Austin:  Michael Angerame

Becca: Ava Kaplan (scene will be custom written!)

Jack:  George Murphy (scene will be custom written!)

Dee Dee: Julia Rothstein

Katie: Eliza Snyder 

Kelly: Kira Fanelli 

Lyle Larkin: Alex Killian 

Mrs. Zellow (colorful art teacher) Mary Collias 

Jake: Matthew Newfield

Penelope: Rachel Wilson

Danny: Daniel Ottavi

Drake:  Andrew Santacroce

Zeke:  DJ  (NO LINES)

Dr Silver (Danny's helicopter mom) Anna Orfino

Cheer Squad:

Phoebe Beshlian

Emma Driver

Bianca Jura

Valentina Montelbano

Isabel Shain

Delia Frieliech

Jessica Olin (Gymnastics)

Quinn Lupton (ballet)

Caroline Coffey (loves to dance)

Audrey Elsberry (dances)

Angela Xie (loves to dance)

Lilly Essig (loves to dance)

Lily Kealy (loves to dance/gymnastics)

Kristen Farmer (some gymnastics)


George Murphy, Dylan Pojano, Bianca Jura, Rachel Wilson, Andrew Senneff, (I more ???)


Kira Fanelli, Sylvia Zhao, Julia Rothstein, Jayna Gummins

TBD:  There will be other musical numbers with solos to be assigned!